sign up for mckinney youth entrepreneurs

Coalition for McKinney Drug Free Youth is proud to launch McKinney Youth Entrepreneurs (MYE).

MYE is a virtual network of McKinney youth who have either launched a business or are interested in launching one (either for-profit or non-profit). Together, this virtual group will share ideas with other youth entrepreneurs within the region at MYE monthly meetings. Webinars are expected to last 1-hour.

With community support, Coalition for McKinney Drug Free Youth will host and manage MYE as part of our Positive Alternatives program. The Coalition will organize and moderate the monthly webinars which will consist of 3-minute presentations from each MYE with a short coaching session from a business professional and Coalition staffer at each webinar.

Research shows that youth who are involved in more than simply going to school have a greater chance of staying away from substances like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs.

There is no cost to participate. Youth should be between the ages of 12 - 17 (up to 18 if they're in their senior year of high school or homeschooling). Dates for webinars will be determined based on surveys of those who complete the form below.

This form must be completed by a parent or guardian of the child.